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Readers, meet the Kate Spade New York Gwinnett Lane Turquoise Accent Plate.

Currently plotting on how to get this to be the first plate for my soon-to-be-plate-wall (stay tuned…i move in early March).

Some stills have been leaked of the new Gatsby movie, directed by Baz Luhrman (Moulin Rouge!) with Leonardo diCaprio as Gatsby and Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan. I didn’t buy Mia Farrow as Daisy in the 1974 version but Carey is PERFECT for this role*. Still to be seen if Leo can channel Gatsby as well as Robert Redford did, though as NYMagazine thinks, he does look good in vintage.

Case in point:

We have to wait until Christmas 2012 for it to come out though!

*Slightly obsessed with Carey Mulligan and her talent/fashion sense. If you have not seen An Education, rent it now!

I want a plate wall. Like Lisa Congdon’s below.

New apartment project? Excellent reason to spend some Sunday mornings down at the Jeu de Balle flea market!

Side note: Have I mentioned how much I want a copy of D*S’s book? Just-after-Christmas present fairy, take note?

xx Jess

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