It all started in California

30 years ago, my parents had to move away from California because a career in the hotel industry is very much like the military in that you are regularly shipped off willy-nilly at the drop of a hat. A certain baby, however, had other plans and I decided to arrive a few weeks late. My parents waited until I was born but then had to quickly pack up the sunny CA lifestyle and start what would be a series of moves around the States.

Observation: It is a cruel thing to walk through life with “Laguna Beach, California” listed as your birthplace when you actually spend most of your time growing up in Baltimore and Minneapolis. Even worse when you later move overseas where everyone loves the sound of Pacific Ocean views but doesn’t know what to think about the frozen lakes of Minnesota (if they know where Minnesota is…)

That might sound like a funny way to start off a blog, but this is all to announce that 30 years after having left – I finally returned to California. Flying from Brussels to San Francisco is not for the impatient individual (me), but I am so glad I did it:


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