The Mom Chronicles – Portugal

A perk of moving to Brussels is having your parents come to visit you.

The annual mother-daughter summer Europe trip has become a staple in the Henderson yearly calendar and it would be unfair for me to kick off what I am naming “The Mom Chronicles” without a nod to the trip that started it all a few years back: Portugal.

Lisbon is absolutely gorgeous and relaxed. Beautiful architecture. Pastries to die for. And more whole fish served at dinner than certain ladies can handle, though Mom did not seem to mind.

We started off the trip in Lisbon for a few days.

Dear Lisbon, we love your rooftops

Talk about character

Lookin' good at night, Lisbon

Fact is, most people in Lisbon were good looking. Something reflecting such a conversation led us to take this picture… exactly why I am blowing a kiss to creepy plaster man however is now beyond me…

Then we heading up the coast to Cascais. The train trip from Lisbon is highly recommended as long as you look up the names of the stops beforehand…

Then it was inland to Sintra (a short taxi ride + micro-climate + castle on a rocky hilltop = amazing) followed by a completely spoiled stay at the Ritz! My mother is the most amazing hotel finder in the world. She is a hotel-deal-finding-fiend. Name your place. Name your price. She will find you a room. Bet you she can even do it in Russian (just predicting the future for when we eventually get to St Petersburg). And, perhaps she will even spoil you a bit if you are lucky:

Tiny glimpse of the RITZ above. It is gorgeous. If you ever go, do consider the Penha Longa Hotel – especially if you plan on getting married outside of Lisbon. It is gorgeous!

More Mom Chronicles to come!

  1. I love that you are chronicling our yearly adventures! But before we visited Portugal, didn’t we rent a car and drive to Liechtenstein? 🙂

    • jessinbelgium said:

      Why yes, I believe we did! I’m thinking Rome should be next.

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