The many places that matter

I spend a fair amount of time traveling. Always have. Here’s a little overview of the places that matter most:

I’ve moved thirteen times in nine different States: California (yes, though it was only for ten days, they count), Oregon, Minnesota (twice), Kansas, Texas (three very short times – one involved an unfortunate incident with fire ants), Missouri, North Carolina, Maryland and New York.

I went to college in upstate New York

And studied for a bit in Washington DC

And Paris

My Dad is from what may be the most picture-perfect town in the continental 48 – Chatham, New Jersey (its a mother-father-son-daughter-dog-white-picket-fence kind of place)

My Mom is from about an hour north of New York City – home of gorgeous autumn leaves

My brother now lives in San Francisco, after a short stint in Seattle and having studied in Scotland
(St Andrews, below)

My grandparents used to have a gorgeous condo in Fort Myers Beach, Florida – site of many a childhood vacation and now a place to be missed

My wonderful, handsome boyfriend is English (Pershore Abbey pictured below)

But grew up in an adorable town with stunning views named Vilette in France, about 20 minutes away from Bourg-en-Bress.

I am obsessed with the fun, the shows, the restaurants and the culture in London

I now live in Brussels.  Its centre, the Grand Place, is stunning – even after 8 years.

But I admit to having a soft spot for Italy when the Brussels rain gets to be too much

And I am dying to go to Turkey (hint hint, wonderful, handsome boyfriend…) A post on Istanbul will surely follow next!

I have loved all of these places in their own way, but I think the time has come to see some new ones. The indulgent, selfish plan is to see more of Europe but, more importantly, go further abroad! India? South Africa anyone?

Recommendations more than welcome.

xx Jess

Some of the above photos have been sourced here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. The others are my own.

  1. Mudmap said:

    thanks for these lovely photos!

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