A bet over Istanbul

I may have mentioned yesterday that I am dying to go to Istanbul. Well, two days ago, I may have gotten a step closer. You see, handsome boyfriend (D) and I made a bet and for the second time in our relationship, I won.

The venue: Belgo Belge, a great steak restaurant on one of Brussels’ most charming squares, Place St Boniface.

How many times we have been there: together, at least three. Not together, countless many more times.

The context: on the walls of this restaurant are a number of paintings with little perfectly adorable babies wrapped in Belgian flags and lounging around a sofa. I pointed out that I thought baby decor in a steak restaurant was funny and oh-so-Belgian. D thought the paintings were brand new. He had never noticed them…

Photo: Youropi.com

The background you need to know: D is ALWAYS RIGHT. And I mean, he is always right. And he usually offers a huge prize to whoever is betting him in the hopes to throw the other person off. Just in case that other person falls within the 1% of facts he is not sure about.

The bet: D was so sure he was right that he said the winner would have to pay for our flights to Istanbul when we eventually go. Flights to Istanbul! This was a big one.

The difference: I – for once – knew I was right… (cue evil giggling)

The solution: We asked two waiters a) how long they have worked at the restaurant and b) how long the paintings had been on the wall. After a brief moment of male solidarity when the waiter told D he was right, he confirmed to me that the paintings had been on the wall for a full ten years – since the restaurant was opened!

The result: Victory dances and some gloating from Jess. Disbelief from D. And it was a great night.

We are going to Istanbul! Let the planning begin. Thanks D xx


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