Needing a London summer house

After a week back in Brussels, one needs some sunny inspiration, which I’ve just come across in this post from Jelanie. I love how simple it all is (that’s the point of summer, right? not too planned?)  Lounging out back during the day with a big picnic table for BBQs. I absolutely adore the garden and the outside has more of a Scandinavian look to it than something you’d find in England. Excellent. Only problem is the couch. Don’t get me wrong, I love color – but I’m not sure this pattern in orange does it for me… It also doesn’t look too comfortable… Nor am I a fan of wooden stools… and I might hang something else up on that one large wall… Why am I complaining? Fact: I love this place.

(via Jelanie and Sfgirlbybay, photography Light Locations)

  1. Randy Smith said:

    So where does one sleep in this summer house?

    • jessinbelgium said:

      My thoughts exactly. I’m betting the extremely orange couch is a pull-out…

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