Time for a hot toddy

Growing up, when we were with my grandparents and it got to be around 5 o’clock, my grandfather would turn to my grandmother can say “Nan, I think its toddy-time.” For most of my childhood, I had no idea what they were talking about… And yet somehow I learned that the “toddy” is the grandfather of the cocktail!

Get excited, because according to Matchbook’s January calendar, today is [Inter-] National Hot Toddy Day! (I have just made it international for reasons of current local.)

First found in print in a July 1750 issue of the Boston Weekly Post Boy, the Toddy’s origin is thought to be Scottish and it was a popular drink in America for over a century. Recipes vary on whether or not to use rum, whisky, bourbon (if you are a vanilla-fan) or brandy. When in doubt, I usually turn to Jamie Oliver:

Jamie Oliver’s Hot Toddy recipe

“1.3 litres (2 pints) milk
4 tablespoons malt powder
3 tablespoons sugar
3, 4 or 6 shots whisky
2 vanilla pods, scored and the seeds scraped out

For 4 servings, heat up the milk and whisk in the malt, sugar to taste, whisky, vanilla seeds and pods. Whisk up, then, if you have a cappuccino frother, whiz up to make some lovely froth.”

For some other hot drink recipes, check this out.

And a final note, ladies: The Guardian suggests Hot Toddies can be used to cure the average mancold.


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