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that you will get it all done!

Sorry for the absence! A move, lack of internet access at home, two days travel to St Louis for work and a proposal will do that to you.

Came across the above on Pinterest and thought it was fitting for this week. Sometimes you just have to remind yourself that everything will get done and you will be a better person for it 😉

Greetings from a very warm and sunny St Louis.


Its MOVING day!!

This most likely means I stayed up until 3am packing and woke up at 6am in a cold sweat thinking I forgot to pack. The movers come at 8:30am and hopefully will have everything transferred and set up by 12:30. These movers are a god-send – they take down and reassemble your IKEA furniture for you…

The lovely and ever-efficient Belgacom cannot install my internet until March 6 but I will do my best to keep the posts regular until then!

Wish me luck 🙂

Image via A Blog with a View

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you a requested post from D, who has just informed me that he wants to go horseback riding in Yellowstone.

I will not be reflecting here on the multiple discussions already had on when future trips to the States would be taken… (Pittsburgh wedding in September? Minnesota in the Summertime? Upstate NY in the autumn?) and rather indulge his request in the hopes that he helps me finish packing before my move tomorrow.

However I will also offer a counter-proposal… Let’s suppose for a minute that we decide to take this trip before D’s next birthday, say, in September after a certain Pittsburgh wedding. And let’s imagine for a minute that we visit some Southern parks rather than Yellowstone…

Proposed national park trip – including multiple opportunities for horseback riding

Fly into Salt Lake City, Utah. Drive South to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks.

Bryce Canyon – photo via Pinterest                                                             *One can horseback ride here.

Zion National Park – photo via Pinterest from National Geographic                                        * Also here

Continue south into Arizona for the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon – imagine via Pinterest                                                                                          *And here

Head West to the Hoover Dam before settling in Henderson, Nevada (note – if we visit Dave, Belgium… then there is precedent to visit my namesake, Henderson, Nevada)

Hoover Dam – image via Pinterest 

The Ravella Hotel – just outside Las Vegas in Henderson, NV – image from the Ravella Hotel

From there, head on south to San Diego… perhaps more specifically Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach, CA – photo sourced via Pinterest here

Beach horseback riding anyone? Image sourced from Pinterest via That Kind of Woman

Then, if one was really ambitious, one could drive up the California coast to San Francisco.

Images sourced on Pinterest here and here. (Photo above is the Big Sur)


My hope is this has given David a bit of inspiration for future trips State-side… what all this horseback riding talk really has me wondering, however, is when we are doing this…

Horseback riding on safari – photo sourced here. 

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