Cocktails and Candoodling with Tiffany’s

Warning – indulgent and incredibly girly post ahead.

Recently discovered this adorable video, a collaboration between Tiffany, Garance Dore and the Sartorialist (perhaps the world’s other most adorable/talented couple besides Zooey and Joe) – click on the video to view.

But then, even better, it led me to Tiffany & Co’s beautiful updated website, What Makes Love True. That half of me that has watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s a billion times couldn’t stop clicking.

One can find all things Tiffany-inspired – like rooms at the St. Regis:

You can listen to some classic yet fantastic playlists. (Click here for more.)

A fun Valentine’s Day guide to New York City (this is where the cocktails and candoodling comes in). Grand Central is one destination:

So is the Met’s Roof Top Garden.

Maybe some drinks at the Rose Bar… Or elsewhere in the Grammercy Park Hotel

Want to try this restaurant whose name is even perfect: The Little Owl

And, of course, there were some pretty things to be found as well… Ahem.

All inspiration and photos to be found on the Tiffany & Co website. Additional picture of the Rose Bar from the Grammercy Park Hotel website.

  1. Liz turier said:

    ok jess, so when are we going to New York for the weekend?? love and see you soon, liz

    • jessinbelgium said:

      How does this weekend sound Liz?? See in two weeks! Love, Jess

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