Favorite new(ish) TV show

Was just introduced to the BBC remake (ok, it came out in 2010…I’m behind on the times) of Sherlock and now have a new excuse for staying up way past my recommended bedtime.

Tricky, quirky cases to solve and tons of wit of the “you aren’t a genius, so you certainly could not have read those clues I just deciphered” kind makes the episodes fly by. And although it is set in 21st century London, there is something about the lighting, the sets, the costumes and especially Sherlock himself that echos back to Conan Doyle’s original stories without too much of a stretch. I am already sad to know there are only 6 episodes in the first two seasons. Thank goodness season three is apparently on the way.

Photos via Newly Impassioned Soul, GQ and Screenrant


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