Consider Uggie

This adorable little man wants to go to the Oscars.

To clarify, this is Uggie from the critically adored French film The Artist. And while Uggie probably doesn’t know what the Oscars are, there appears to be a grassroots movement to allow four-legged friends to attend the Academy Awards, for which Uggie has become the spokes…dog. (Even more amusing when you consider he starred in a silent movie.)

While the campaign has apparently been in motion for some time now (with rather advanced reasoning from Movieline, Facebook page, celebrity appearances and endorsements, the list goes on.)

But my personal favorite result of the “Consider Uggie” campaign is to be found in the headlines of today’s Guardian: Miss Piggy (of The Muppets fame and due to sing a song at the upcoming Oscars) is reconsidering her appearance if “four legged friends” are not welcomed.

“It’s wonderful to be nominated in the best song category, even if it wasn’t a song I sang,” she told reporters. “As for going to the Oscars, it’s hard to feel right about going to an event like that where you’re not really welcome.”

…this is one campaign to keep an eye on…

Photo from the Consider Uggie facebook campaign. 

  1. Lindsay said:

    Love this! Just tweeted your post Miss Henderson. I hear this pooch also picked up a Palm(e?) D’Or 🙂

  2. What a cute little guy and so talented! He definitely deserves to attend.

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