What a great time to get the flu…

Been out of commission for the weekend, wrapped up in blankets with a horrible flu (and no where near as adorable as the above…)

Moving this week as well so apologies in advance if the posts are limited!

Image via Pinterest

  1. I feel your pain – spent the whole weekend with a tummy bug, and only finally feeling better today. Wishing for a holiday right about now….

    • Me too! Was horrible and I still look like death… At least it is sunny today, right? 🙂

  2. Adorable picture. I hope you feel better soon! May I recommend some hot and sour soup from your local Chinese restaurant? The spices in them are good infection fighters. My doctor recommended this once and it worked pretty well!

    • Now this is a new cure I did not know about. Will definitely try it, thanks!

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