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Yup, been one of those kind of weeks.

Have a good one xx

Photo via Melzinha1234


Recently added to the “to-do” list for my next trip to London: eat at The Gallery at Sketch.

This collaboration between Mourad Mazouz and Chef Pierre Gagnaire sounds amazing – a place where food, art and music come together.

Every utensil, every chair, every table is different and there are some 96 different pieces of marble used to make the floor alone, thanks to artist Martin Creed*. This blog simply cannot do it justice so be sure to check out Sketch’s website here for more pictures, music, art and more.

Bonus note – *My favorite Martin Creed work is still to come. On July 27th at 8am, his Work n°1197 will see all bells in the UK rung for three minutes to mark the start of the 2012 Olympic season. Or so we hope! More information here.

Great interview with Martin Creed also available here.

Now if this doesn’t put you in the mood for spring, I’m not sure what will.

This adorable print is one of several that are a collaboration between (Belgian-based!) Leen and “De groene prinses” (The Green Princess) as found on Oh the Lovely Things. For more information on everything, click here for more details, here for more design and here for recipes.

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