Where has Jess been??

So I have been MIA. Here is why:

First, there was the move. Not quite as neat and orderly as the below…

Some moving day highlights:
-giving my old landlord the former apartment keys back along with my office keys… luckily I got those back… 
-dropping spare car keys down the new apartment’s elevator shaft… still waiting to get those back. Obviously have a key issue at the moment.

Before I knew it, on Feb 2th, a 6am wake up call for a flight to St Louis for a work training session.
St Louis gets a bad wrap – calm and friendly, I thought it was nice! And the arch (built in the 60s, belowhow did they get those cranes up there??) is big.

Two days of training in St Louis, with as much intermittent Brussels-based work squeezed in wherever humanly possible. Met some lovely people and quickly became a spokesperson for how to move from working in the States to working in Europe. I think many were disappointed in my own personal secret: luck! …and maybe some stubbornness as well…

For a quick break from the madness, I saw an excellent play with my lovely Mom – End of the Rainbow. We laughed, we cried. No really, we cried – this is a play about Judy Garland at the end of her career. And her last rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow was heartbreaking. The play premiered in London’s West End and is headed for Broadway. The lead, Tracie Bennett, is stunning and deserves a Tony Award. New Yorkers, take note and go. see. this.

After that stunning act (and some quality time spent with the family golden retriever), it was time to head back to Brussels, where moving boxes and a barely-painted apartment were waiting… But I only managed to paint 2 doors before it was off to Amsterdam for a day of meetings for work!


HOWEVER, this morning the heroic internet-installation man came and I have internet again!! In short, apologies for the absence and I look forward to getting started again 😉

Photos sourced here and the excellent blog French by Design.


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