Its Friday!!

What do kangaroos and Friday have in common? No idea, but I liked the spirit of the photo.

Weekend plans?

Mine will involve some unpacking, some painting but more importantly, movies!

So here is the question: how do you rank the following four movies? What should I go see first?
Click on the titles to view the trailers.

The Artist     (Eddie the dog is in it and there is tap dancing. Need to see it.)

Hugo     (Martin Scorsese does a kids movie based in Paris. I need to see it.)

My Week with Marilyn    (Excellent cast. Great outfits. Marilyn.) (This also fits in nicely with my Smash addition…)

The Iron Lady     (Meryl Streep. I need say no more.)

…I’m off to find some more Meryl Streep trailers… I love everything that woman does…

Have a great one,

x Jess

  1. wobsy said:

    Q. What do kangaroos and Friday have in common?
    A. A and R. 🙂
    good post

  2. Is it just me, or does the ‘roo look like he’s puckering up for a kiss? Hilarious photo. I vote for The Iron Lady.

  3. L said:

    The Artist and My Week with Marilyn are coming out on dvd next week, so I would say The Iron Lady. (I heard mixed reviews for Hugo). I already pre-ordered The Artist, so you’re more than welcome to borrow it 🙂

    • Excellent! After you watch it, I will definitely borrow it.

      So Iron Lady it is! xx

  4. Lindsay said:

    Noooo! I was gonna suggest The Artist – Sunday night – can you still be persuaded? Come on – if it’s won a million awards (And the pooch got the Palm D’or?!) then it must be big-screen worthy, no?

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