Nostalgia: The blues are good for you

Every year, my grandparents would give me a Royal Copenhagen plate at Christmas. I still have some 25 plates (one or two fell victim to moves or a broken stand through the years) packed up in a box back in Minnesota.

Surprise of the day: Looked up the 2012 plate (below) and RC has definitely gone modern with the times. When I was little, these plates had sketches of little children ice skating in canals or a family decorating a Christmas tree…now they have modern windmills. Not sure how I feel about that, though I like the sailboat.

My grandmother had blue and white things all over her house (in particular, a blue and white egg in her bathroom I was obsessed with when I was little but at the same time, petrified I would break it) and as a consequence, I get all nostalgic when I see blue and white plates. Below are some particularly gorgeous ones I just came across on the gorgeous Snippet & Ink. For their makes and more blue and white inspiration, check out her post here.


All inspiration for my soon-to-be-plate wall.

(Two new favorite plate walls included below… yet another reason why I am obsessed with Pinterest.)

This one from Leslie Krout’s blog – love the way they are placed across the top of two separate walls in the corner.

And this one from Martha Stewart.


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