An ode to carrot cake

I lied. There isn’t going to be any ode.

But I suddenly have a massive craving for carrot cake after seeing today’s Guardian blog piece on the perfect carrot cake (here). Recipes galore. Bake some. Have fun.

And if those recipes aren’t enough, I’m going to try these lovely tidbits from Annie’s Eats (here) and In Praise of Leftovers (here). Both great food blogs.  I particularly love In Praise’s rant on cupcakes. As much as I love them, we agree – they are indulgent.

Photo sourced via Pinterest though I cannot locate the original source. Do let me know if it is yours… 

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  1. Oh my goodness. I want these. 1pm, I’ll heading off to Wal-Mart for marshmallow whip and some cookies . . . I’ll try the carrot cookies as soon as I can get my son the pastry chef to make it.

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