Newsweek goes awesomely retro

Cool things were bound to come from Tina Brown’s leadership of Newsweek. (Reminders of why we love Tina: she used to run favorite-magazine-of-all-time Vanity Fair, founded The Daily Beast and spearheads the hugely inspirational Women in the World Summit).

And here it is – a retro issue of Newsweek in honor of the return of Mad Men. Everything including the ads apparently appear as they would in 1965. The issue comes out today, more information on the thinking behind the issue available here.

I will be picking one up and predict many others will too. Brilliant idea.

Image sourced from the Newsweek tumblr

Sidenote: For additional Tina Brown-related inspiration, watch this video of Meryl Streep introducing Hillary Clinton at the 2012 Women in the World Summit. 

1 comment
  1. I wish more people would think of things this creative. I’m definitely going to take a look; thanks for bringing this Newsweek issue to my attention.

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