Its almost Easter. Feelin’ kinda giddy.

Emerging from one of those ridiculously busy and crazy periods where one feels like one hasn’t seen the sun for weeks. Any free time, spent trying to forget work woes or home repair disasters, involves watching re-runs of Mad Men/Friends/Alias/Castle/[insert favourite TV show here]. But all that is all too boring to talk about really, so I won’t go into it.

HOWEVER! Hope is on the way! Off to France tomorrow to celebrate Easter and a very special lady’s birthday. This will entail a nice little road trip through Belgium and across North-Eastern France to Bourg-en-Bresse.  Followed by a few days of excellent company and I expect a few laughs. Then its back through Lyon, and a work-related stop in Paris (airport…not city…) before returning to Brussels next Wednesday.

It all has me feeling a bit like this:

…that is, the less glamorous, messy hair version! But a marked improvement none-the-less.

Happy Easter all

xx J

Photo – Audrey Hepburn as photographed by Richard Avedon. Source: Pasteled

  1. Don’t forget to pack your Easter chocolate! 😉 Do they have chocolate bunnies in Belgium or France?

  2. Tatiana said:

    Have fun!!

  3. And not to forget – Audrey was also a real Bruxelloise! Happy Easter, Jess!

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