Currently coveting another Anthro dress

Question: are clothes an investment?

I know some will immediately respond “Yes! They are walking works of art”! Others will automatically reply “No, travel with that money!” And maybe a third “special” crowd who would state, “Clothes? What are those?” Apologies, once had a disturbing and accidental run-in with a nude beach …moving on… 

I personally have mixed feelings about this but that probably stems from the fact that I tend to treat my clothes like I am a linebacker in a football game (translation for the non-American crowd = I could definitely treat my clothes with more care).

In any event, every once in a while I come across something that makes me think I need to change my ways and this Anthropology dress is one of them.

Photos via Anthropology

  1. riamichelle said:

    That dress is gorgeous! There are definitely things I hold with more care than others.

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