Tiny Bratislava

D and I, along with a fun group of friends and colleagues, went to Bratislava recently for a friend’s wedding.

One detail we wish we’d known before we went: the old town in TINY! Tourists, take note. That said, it was also absolutely charming. Those familiar with the city will note these are a rather selective collection of photos – the Bratislava of character rather than the Bratislava of street cafes and bars (though those are also well worth the visit!)

The castle was the backdrop for the lovely wedding we attended (secret historical note – what you see now was mainly rebuilt in the 1950s).

Once you’ve explored Bratislava, hop onto a skipper and glide up the Danube to Vienna. It only takes an hour or so and while your fellow passengers might be of a slightly older generation, it was a calm ride. Much appreciated by those recovering from the festivities of the night before 😉

Photo credits: JessinBelgium

  1. Beautiful! Gorgeous! Wish I was there. I am particularly charmed by the sculpture of the man in the manhole. Wonder if there’s a story behind that.

  2. unique country ,Beautiful pictures.
    Jalal Michael

  3. MSG said:

    Catching up on friends’ blogs… since the wife is out of town. Very nice photos!

    • Thanks MSG! I LOVED your wedding pics. What a great time 🙂 Hope we get to see you in DC when we are there at the end of the summer.

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