15 Day Challenge (Day 6) – Personality

Phew – just barely fitting this one in before midnight. Day 6 of the 15 Day Challenge calls for your Myers Briggs personality.

My place of work takes Myers Briggs very seriously. In a fun way. So I’ve learned alot about how I like to work, how I like to interact with others and especially how I like to approach challenging situations. That’s what sets Myers Briggs apart – its not about who you are and what defines you necessarily, but more about the environment in which we like to work and how we like to interact with others.

Some people have a hard time picking out their personalities. I was quite clearly an EFSJ. What does that mean?

Well, apparently I’m a people person. We ESFJs love people. We tend to be rather social and get a lot of drive and happiness from creating positive situations for others. We tend to be on the organised side and like some structure to our lives. The want of structure can sometimes lead to bossiness (hence the above picture… though would I really boss around George Clooney?) but that is usually meant with good intentions. We can be on the sensitive side, but at the same time, are fond givers and will likely go out of our way to make others happy. We’re usually pretty down-to-earth and practical. We rely quite literally on our senses (might explain why I get inexplicably happy when pretty or nice smelling things are around me).  We are fond of rules – sometimes to our detriment when we would do better to question them. This can also make us a tad bit stubborn (is this where I mention I’m also a Taurus?)

I’m obviously biased, but I’m quite fond of the ESFJs. We like to be warm, giving and enthusiastic. And those aren’t half bad. (If they happen to get us time with George Clooney… all the better.)

Photo credit of George Clooney and Gemma Ward for Vanity Fair in November 2006. 


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