Exciting announcements! And some vacation reads.

I am an absent blogger. Truth is, finding the time has been hard lately. This upsets me as the blog has become a great channel to get away from my normal life which consists of pretty much the opposite of everything you find here. HOWEVER. Two things will help me remedy this in the near future.


Meet Thelma, my new camera.

Ironically, I have not actually taken a picture of Thelma yet, so this is not her. She is a lovely Canon EOS. Why Thelma? No idea, but a friend asked me what my “new baby’s” name was and that seemed as good as any. The name Thelma is hilarious.


I am going on vacation tomorrow!

My parents have flown into the UK and have rented a house in the Cotswolds for a week.  Currently looking forward to a 6am wake up call tomorrow morning to get to the ferry on time and cross the Channel. We are going to stop at Windsor Castle on the way up and then spend a night at our favorite Lamb Inn in adorable little Hindon. We’re planning on a trip to Woodstock and Blemheim Palace while we are there, and otherwise (fingers crossed for the weather), plan on lots of walking, reading and cooking. Excellent. 

I’m not sure yet about the reliability of internet access, etc, while I will be away, so I thought I would leave you with some extended reading of  fun things I have noticed on the interweb as of late.

(What we did before the web… I am just not sure…)

(…that’s a lie, I have a pretty good idea, but I think it was probably not as much fun.)

Have a marvelous week. I’ll be back soon with some Thelma photography.

xx J

Vacation reads from the Interweb


Images found here and here


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