Summer band crush


Dear Family of the Year,

Why have I never heard of you before now? You sound like an awesome mix between Arcade Fire, Pheonix, Band of Horses and Fleet Foxes. I have been listening to “St. Croix” and “6am” on repeat all day.

It might be delightfully sunny outside and I might be stuck in the office, but you have made it quite a nice day with the Fleetwood Mac-like harmonies of “Summer Girl”.

Play on please. Yours truly,


To all those in Brussels – rumor is they are coming to Botanique on September 3, the same day their new album drops worldwide. Think of me please, I will be in Delaware at the time.  (I know what you are thinking and yes, my vacation plans are exotic.) 

For some more on Family of the Year, click on the album cover to listen on Spotify or check out this interview… And they were recently featured as the song of the day on my favorite Minnesota radio station The Current… And, if you need a final reason, look at how cute they are!  

Photo credit: Brightest Young Things.

  1. Tatiana said:

    just listened to some of their songs – great recommendation! Really like “Summer Girl” too!

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