Tunes for a sunny day

So someone obviously has not been spending a lot of time editing photos from the trip to England as she should have.

But let me explain something about Brussels to you. When it is 90F degrees and sunny for three consecutive days YOU DO NOT STAY INDOORS. Those precious few hours of sunshine turn this city’s citizens into sun-craving, picnic-making, booze-consuming maniacs. Terraces everywhere are full and there are way too many almost-naked-people in the parks (just divert the eyes).

But this normally crabby umbrella-touting population also turns into one gigantic smile on such days. You quickly learn to treasure the summer days in Belgium.

Yesterday’s music find put me in the mood to find new tunes to get me through the sunny mid-day hours (I have fallen in love with the Discovr Music app), so I decided to share what I’ve been listening to today.

Tunes for an evening BBQ perhaps?

  1. Can’t Hardly Wait – The Replacements
  2. Harlequins – Customs
  3. Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison
  4. Play the Game – Shout Out Louds
  5. Flowers in the Window – Travis
  6. Where the West Wind Grows – Green River Ordinance
  7. 6am – Family of the Year
  8. Save it for a Rainy Day – The Jayhawks
  9. Take the Skinheads Bowling – Camper Van Beethoven
  10. Its time – Imagine Dragons
  11. Apartment Story – The National
  12. Little Numbers – Boy

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