Opinionated people say “take the ferry”

Funny thing about Brussels: it is full of opinionated people.

It sounds like I am starting this off negatively, but stick with me as that’s not where I am going.

Much of the English expat community flocks back to the motherland for the summer months to vacation along the coast and many of them choose to take their cars back for the summer. Here is where the opinions come in. There seem to be two strongly divided camps – those of the Eurotunnel following (quite cool – drive your car on a train and *presto* – you are driving on the left in 20 minutes) and those of the ferry pilgrimage. I was painted a rather negative picture of the ferry ride by the Brussels crowd (images of millions of weary, hungry passengers waiting for hours on rocky seas while eating full english breakfasts passed through my mind) but I’m going to say that’s because they like the expedited service and lack of social interaction (let’s admit it, that can be a plus) that comes with the Eurotunnel.

But here is the cruel fact – the Eurotunnel is pricey in the summer. Ignoring all warnings, we opted to take the ferry.

Despite the first ten panicked minutes when the collective populations of some 200 cars, tour buses, trucks and vans got out of their vehicles and rushed for the comfy seats next to the windows,  it was quite a pleasant experience. These ferries have EVERYTHING: Restaurants, bars, Costa coffee shops, dodgy game rooms and duty free shopping. The shops conveniently sold maps, converters, books in english and gigantic lollipops that I regret not having purchased purely for their quality comic factor. Honestly, the things were as big as my head. Should have taken a picture.

Fighting against the wind (as evidenced by the crazy Jess hair below), we quickly climbed to the upper decks to take in the view of the Cliffs of Dover as we sailed towards England. We played around with Thelma and started to learn how the new camera worked.

(You might say this picture is out of focus, but I say it is artistic)

Whatever your stance on opinionated people, one view is universally shared: the Cliffs of Dover are stunning. Take the ferry ride sometime and see them for yourself.

In the next installment, some castle visits. In the meantime, I am pumping myself up for some spectacular Opening Ceremonies this evening. Can’t wait to see the US smash the competition I mean, three cheers for the Olympics!

J xx


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