Three cheers for Summer 2012

Sometimes it is easy to get sucked into how busy work can be, how many obligations you have to fill and how many friends you want to keep up with. Maybe on top of all that, your apartment is literally falling apart (I echo Tom Hanks in The Money Pit on a regular basis). Before you know it, you are overwhelmed and wondering where the summer is going.

A little bit of perspective is always helpful. So far, Summer 2012, you have been pretty spectacular.

  1. Ryan Bowles said:

    I just want to say that I have missed Brussels and all of you people terribly ever since I added your blog to my Google Reader. Why can’t you post once every six months like all my other friends, instead of this constant stream of reminders??

    • Aww Ryan, we miss you too. Then again, some of us are very jealous of your travels!

  2. oh yes, that looks like a pretty good summer!

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