Jessica’s expert weekend packing list

I am headed to Edinburgh for the weekend and a friend I am travelling with was expressing her frustration with RyanAir luggage restrictions.

It got me wondering, why do so many people – and by people I mostly mean women – find packing so stressful??

I happen to be a master packer. (No, I will not apologise for sounding smug, it is truly one of the only things I can brag about.)

It is thus that I present you with JESSICA’S EXPERT WEEKEND PACKING LIST. 

Scenario: you are flying out on a Friday evening and returning on Sunday evening. Short flight of about one hour. Very unreliable weather at destination (Scotland, people). This is mainly a sightseeing trip so lots of walking planned with some evening outings.

Important note: Your packing list should not include anything you wear on the airplane! Take advantage and wear heavy things like jeans, your walking sneakers & a sweater or jacket.

  • One lighter pair of pants (or skirt, weather depending)
  • One light/dressier sweater
  • Three shirts (two short/one long sleeve) – or swap one shirt for a dress (bonus points)
  • One pair of flats – only a pair you’ll want to walk in and that are also suitable for a nice dinner out
  • Toiletries – all travel size – nothing big, that you can put through security in one plastic bag – this includes make-up
  • One little box of jewelry – bring three completely different styles so you can have some dramatic changes available without taking up too much room
  • 2 scarves – fashion statements and they hardly take up any room (bonus points)
  • PJs
  • One pair of underwear per day, plus one extra
  • Hairbrush
  • Wallet
  • Phone & charger
  • Camera
  • One book, one magazine or your iPad. (Unless you are a speed reader, there is very little chance you will finish all three. However, this rule does not apply if your destination is a beach. )
  • Travel umbrella
  • Passport

This should even allow you to save a little bit of room for souvenirs, should you be a particular fan of the local delicacies. Scotch, anyone? (Major bonus points.) 

First photo by Edina Csoboth, sourced via Photodonuts

Second photo by the|G|™

  1. Lindsay said:

    I can attest to the above packing list for the weekend, followed it to a tee and lacked nothing! Tx Jess 😉

  2. I also don’t understand why people stress so much.. for me works ca 1 h before departure to airport, random walk around flat and put whatever fits into a backpack. Never had a bad holiday or trip because I was missing something! note: I own now about 6 toothbrushes 🙂

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