Thoughts on hats and a SisterMag crush

Confession number 1: I wish we lived in an era where hats where the norm. I need more hats in my life.

Confession number 2: I have a crush on Sister Mag and the super sweet ladies who run it.

These confessions came about when reading the adorable “Souvenirs” section in the latest edition of Sister Magazine, featuring Ashley from Chasing Heartbeats. I never realised I suffered from Souvenir syndrome – that odd but familiar occurrence when you buy something in one country only to realise that it doesn’t seem to fit in at home – until reading this. I bought a fan in Madrid once that I was fully convinced I would use in Brussels… given all of the heat waves and endless days of sunshine we get here… {read sarcasm}.

Such a fun shoot and Ashley is an adorable model (jealousy… great at blogging, great at modeling, makes cool videos… need more talent…)

Back to my point: I need more hats in my life and hats make great souvenirs.

Hats of either the smaller variety -ranging from beanies to fasinators, {isn’t the word “beanie” hilarious?} – or the gigantic sort seem to catch my eye. The medium size hats are harder to pull off.

Let’s face it, modern hat wearing is a challenge.  Here are some greats, both old and new, that could translate into daily wears.

One shouldn’t neglect those gorgeous works of art that only those invited to attend the Royal Ascot could pull off.

Or that you would find on the pages of Vogue {glorious Vogue – have you picked up the September issues yet??}

Where do you fit on the hat-love scale? The SisterMag article makes me want to run out and buy a fez … anyone else agree?

Photo credits: 1. Muveil / 2. Bittersweet Vogue / 3. Colenimo / 4. Jelanie / 5. Pier Atkinson as featured in Vogue / 6. Gina Foster as featured in Vogue / 7. Michael Blann for Misa Harada / 8. TeenVogue

PS – READ SISTER-MAG! Other favorites from this issue include some spectacular recipes (Fennel Peach Tabouleh and Olympic Bagels) and their Around the World Cocktails. Also take some time to read the article on World Press Photography, featuring ladies who transmit important messages through their craft.

  1. Lovely Post! Especially loved the dainty and demure hats you had in your second group of photos!
    J’adore the cloche (I think that’s what they were) hats!

    Adieu, scribbler

    • I agree – the cloche hats are adorable (also good for slightly pointy heads like mine) ;>

      • 🙂 My face is oval, I wonder if the would look good on me?

        Adieu, scribbler

  2. I can just agree! This is such a gorgeous post. You found the best hat pictures ever.
    Many greetings from Berlin, Toni

    • Thank you so much Toni! What a gorgeous magazine you have.

  3. Cécile said:

    Yes! I love hats. I have a few but I wish I had more occasions to wear them. The only hat I get to wear often enough is my straw hat for the summer days 🙂

  4. First of all, I too long for the days when hats were a part of everyones’s wardrobe- they are so ridiculously chic and are so much fun. Second, I too have a super girl crush on Thea and Toni and believe me they are even more darling and sweet in person. I feel lucky to call them my friends 🙂 And Third, I am so flattered by all your kind words about me- trust me though, I was/am SO awkward in front of the camera and a terrible model- but the sisterMAG girls managed to charm me into saying yes.

    • Thanks for your note Ashley! Stay in front of the camera please 🙂 I for one think you are a natural!

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