Wedding attire

As often happens during conversations with my mom, a million things are raised that I should be thinking about/doing, but…unfortunately… I am not! Thank goodness for this because I’m not sure what I would do without her most of the time.

The latest example came last night when she asked me what I was going to wear to my aunt’s wedding coming up in September. I replied I didn’t know and that I usually end up picking something out the day before. Then I hung up the phone, mentally went through my entire wardrobe in my head and proceeded to panic that I had nothing to wear. {Which is a lie… I do have things to wear… but my head likes to deceive me and tell me that don’t.}

Essential information: End of summer, evening wedding at an East Coast country club. Attire must be appropriate for both classy wedding, lovely dinner and much dancing. 

So with this new information, I ask you, what do you think of the following? Favorite pick? Other suggestions? I am struggling!

Suzi Chin for Maggy Boutique Pleated Jersey Fit & Flare Dress – pretty color, great for dancing (twirling = bonus points)

Calvin Klein Embellished Waist Satin Sheath Dress – sparkly? or boring? 

BCBGMAXAZRIA Tiered Lace Cocktail Dress – oooo, I like it! 

JCrew Sara Dress in lace… oooooo, I really like it! Before you say I would upstage the bride with this one, I need to point out that while it looks very white here…it is in fact grey… or green… or purple… 

JCrew Rosalinde dress in Tricotine – crazy? or pretty? I can’t decide. 

I obviously need help with this one people. Suggestions welcome.

J xx


  1. liz turier said:

    Jess, I like the first one, purple twirly one best, but you need to try them on really, they’re all nice. I checked with Max Power and he agreed!

    • I just got mother approval to try a few on with the option of return shipping in the States! Thanks Liz and Max Power/Captain Awesome!

  2. LKD said:

    I love the first two! Funny, I just blogged about a conversation with my Mom about the dress-code for my wedding!

    • What I love: a) the name of your blog b) your wedding stories! So glad to have come across them!

  3. I vote for the Sara Dress in purple or navy. I love lace and it seems perfect for the type of wedding you’re going to. (I’d vote against the grey because it looks super duper light. Light color + lace could definitely compete with the bride even if it’s technically not white. My step-mother-in-law wore “cream,” my dress was “ivory” = same color. Oy.). I hope you have have an amazing time in whichever dress you choose–they’re all so pretty!

    • Thank you! I think the overwhelming consensus is the Sara dress! Definitely not the grey, I agree. Will be sure to post which one it is once I actually try one or two on. Thank goodness for return shipping 🙂

  4. Theresa said:

    I would say the first or the Sara Dress from j.crew. They are really nice! I hope you’ll have a really good time. But I can raise another (and equally awful question): what shoes??? *hehe*

    • Oh dear – pretty sure you have just inspired the next post! This is going to be fun 🙂

  5. anamariafernandezpujals said:

    So I think I like the Suzi Chin twirly dress. But I agree that you have to try them on. PARTICULARLY the J. Crew ones. I often find with J Crew that they either fit differently on my body than I imagined (and then have to decide if I still like the style) or that they need to be hemmed or taken-in (because they are made for taller women than I, or because I buy the more busty version and the waist then needs to be taken in)

  6. I liked the first one! It’s all pretty and twirly and just love it!

  7. L said:

    Nice post! I know you are leaning towards the Sara dress… I hesitate cause it makes the model look pretty big around the waist+hip area (it\’s never a good sign when clothes look anything short of GREAT on the model…)
    I would suggest the Suzi Chin dress: their dresses tend to be quite flattering (nice colors, good-at-hiding-imperfections cut, good fit and very comfy).
    I think the fit for the CK dress is not great and CK dresses tend to look best on a particular body shape only (no boobs, no hips), so tricky… (plus, the color is a bit sombre for a summer wedding.)
    BCBG dresses tend to be quite short – they look great if you\’re young and really skinny (I can\’t pull it off…)
    No experience with J. Crew dresses, but the pink one reminds me of Victoria\’s Secret, so maybe not the kind of statement you wanna make 🙂

    • Liliana! You have me rethinking everything!! Can I please hire you as my fashion consultant? (Though personally, almost anything I buy from JCrew usually fits very well.)

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