Some more pictures of England

Some final pictures from our trip to England in July.

The first few shots are of Blenheim Palace. Blenheim is the birthplace of Winston Churchill and is set on a stunning estate of gorgeous English lawns, forests and a private waterfall. The Palace itself is quite austere and formal, and is looking like it has seen better days. All except for the library, which in contrast to the rest of the house is light, airy and chocked full of rare collections of books {including some of the first editions of Vanity Fair which I would love to get my hands on}. It is still a family home to the Duke of Marlborough – for an interesting history lesson, read the Wiki page on the stately home.

But be warned, visitors: by all means, do not go on the historical tour on the top floor… You will come out looking like I do in that picture above. They tell you that the tour will take 30 minutes and then casually throw in something to the likes of “the doors will close behind you automatically…” I lost the guide around the point she mentioned the word “claustrophobic” because I was already looking for the exit, but we decided to be good sports and go on it anyway. Here’s all you need to know: Creepy mechanical statues. A billion degrees. Twice as long as it needed to be. Would recommend against it. {Unless you happen to find yourself in the peaceful English countryside with someone you want to torture, in which case, by all means, go for it.}

The second half of the photos are from the lovely town we stayed in, Chipping Campden. If you visit, the following activities are a must:

  • Visit Robert Welsh’s design shop, full of gorgeous cutlery and other kitchen items
  • Buy some wine from the friendly staff at Bennett’s Wine Merchants
  • Have a drink at Eight Bells – and if you feel like some pub fare, stay for dinner
  • For a dressed-up dinner, eat in the restaurant at King’s Hotel – if you are lucky, you can get the gigantic high-backed bench to sit on and then enjoy classic English fare, done with a little modern twist. We all loved our dishes, a rare occurance for a table of four people who are food snobs.

Looking at these photos, it already seems like a long time ago. One just has to take solace in the Brussels sunshine and look forward to our trip to the States!

Just 1.5 weeks to go until vacation. KEEP CALM, Jessica, it will get here eventually.

  1. I like “Keep Calm and Party On”. That would make a GREAT t-shirt or sweatshirt. Especially if you’re at a party in England.

  2. LKD said:

    I hope you enjoy your vacation!

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