A carpet of flowers

Brussels in the summer can be lovely. And it is at its best on sunny days when the flower carpet is out.

It takes 100 gardeners just four hours to put the carpet together. 300 flowers per square meter are packed together so tightly, without soil, that they will not blow away with the wind. With some 75,000 flowers in total, they create their own microclimate.

The carpet is made of begonias due to their resistance to the elements (always essential in Belgium) and wide range of available colors. 80% of global begonia exports come the Ghent region of Belgium – making it the world’s largest producer. Landscape architect E. Stautemans actually thought of the idea of the carpet to promote the flower. I’d venture to say it worked.

The carpet has been an official part of the Brussels summer calendar – every other year – since 1971. But Brussels is not the only city to have seen the carpets. Stautemans has been asked to create carpets for Paris, London, Amsterdam, Vienna, and also Buenos Aires and Columbus, Ohio! 

Voila – your facts of the day. And hopefully another travel destination on your list.

For more of the facts above and photos of past flower carpets, check out the Flower carpet website. 

  1. I know this court in Brussels very well, just wish I’d have seen this on my visit!

  2. Susan said:

    How gorgeous! I wasn’t aware of this, I’m bookmarking it for when we finally get there 😉

  3. Cécile said:

    Gorgeous! I’m definitely adding Brussels to my list of places to visit- only in the summer though 🙂

    • Summer is definitely a safer bet! 😉 You should also visit Antwerp and Gent – both lovely cities.

  4. Jay said:

    Wow – that is gorgeous!

    How long is it there for? I arrive in Brussels next weekend and hope we catch it!

    • Hi Jay! Unfortunately they can only keep the flowers for about five days before they start to wilt so they are taking the carpet down this evening. If you want a quintessential Brussels experience, visit the Grand Place in the last afternoon, then wander down to the St Geris area for a cocktail. Afterwards, find a little restaurant in the streets surrounding Place St Catherine for dinner (Strofilia and Brasserie Royale are two favorites if you are up for a fancier dinner). I might be headed up to Norway in the near future so I look forward to reading about your adventures there. Jess

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