Ice with my beer, please

Yes, that’s right. Put ice in your beer.

Liefmans “on the rocks” is a mix of traditional Belgian cherry/brown beer and strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and elderberry juice on a full glass of ice.

To sweet? Not really. Just cold enough? Yup. Light on the alcohol? Also yup.

The ice dulls the sweet cherry taste a little bit so I felt it wasn’t as sweet as the traditional kriek beer that is so big in summer here. You might think fruit beers are just for girls, but I spotted at least 5 guys drinking them on Wednesday afternoon. On a hot day, they are very.very.good.

You can also find some cocktail recipes on the Liefmans website. I’m up for trying the Liefmans Crushed Chili.

Its supposed to be 35 degrees Celsius tomorrow in Brussels… try one and tell me what you think?

  1. Ryan said:

    Well at least those sugary soda-pop kriek beers are good for something! My favorites on a hot day are Taras Boulba or Saison Dupont. God I miss the beer in Belgium.

    • Love Saison Dupont. I’ll have to give that other one a try Ryan!

  2. Jess what do you use for the type on your photo’s?

    • For this one, I used an iPad app called Phoster. Its loads of silly fun.

      • I’ve had that on my iPhone for ages (I don’t have an iPad), maybe I should actually start using it 😉 Thanks 🙂

  3. barbdsykes said:

    Is this similar to Lambick (I hope I spelled it right) frambroise drinks? Can it be obtain in the US?

    • It is similar, but a bit less bitter. I’m not sure if you can get it in the States yet. Its a relatively new trend in Belgium. Certainly worth a try however if you are ever in town!

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