Sweet tooth

The bad thing about giving up sweets in preparation for beach time is that you have a conflict of conscious when you run into a new cupcake shop. Especially when they are mini-cupcakes!

{Cathartic confession: I have a slight obsession for anything miniature… walking into a Dille & Kamille shop, for example, is very dangerous.}

This delightful little shop of goodies, Berko Belgique, happens to be on Rue Rollebeek, one of Brussels’ most adorable streets in the Sablon area.

One thing I learned from my visit: ordering a red velvet or carrot cake cupcake will immediately peg you as an American. If you want to “blend in”, I suggest ordering the raspberry.

I haven’t tried one yet but they were perfectly lovely as eye candy, with 30 different kinds available that day. Will someone PLEASE try one for me?

  1. barbdsykes said:


  2. Emilie said:

    I’ve tasted too. They’re delicious !

  3. Micke said:

    OMG this place is fantastic. I try the cheesecake Banofee it’s was delicious. Thank’s to Mister Berko and you jess!

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