Don’t knock Edinburgh

When I told my co-workers I was gearing up for a trip to Edinburgh, most of them asked me why I wasn’t going to Italy or Croatia or another southern destination. Beach vacations are great, but trust me, Edinburgh is a great city. A wee bit a lot of good humour, a bit of majesty and some stunning views of Arthur’s Seat, the Castle and the sea, Edinburgh has something to offer anyone. Add two additional ingredients, a sunny day and the Fringe festival, and the city turns magical. Just take a look:

{I may or may not really want to have a front door like this.} 

{We did… it was really nice. Adorable interior and garden store shop called Homer.}

When you visit, walk around Holyrood Palace – the Queen’s official residence in Scotland pictured above through the side gate – to the little park below the mountain/hill (depending on who you talk to) Arthur’s Seat. That cool little wavy bench thing my travel buddies are modeling just happens to be the most comfortable piece of concrete you will ever lounge on. 

And the view isn’t half bad either.

More pictures to come. In the meantime, have a lovely Monday.

xx J

  1. Opposite Ocean said:

    Ah, Edinburgh is on the top of my travel destinations list! It looks so beautiful. I recently found your blog and am enjoying reading your posts! Keep it up! 🙂

    • Thanks Leah! You should definitely go – don’t let the fickle weather dissuade you. Always love finding another expat blogger in Belgium and look forward to keeping up on your adventures as well.

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