Nine Days with Hillary Clinton

I love coming across magazine articles that I simply can’t wait to get home and read. Here is why I am looking forward to this one on Hillary Clinton:

  • The article is part of a feature in the September issue of Conde Nast Traveler: “The Visionaries 2012
  • It begins with the line “One could be forgiven for thinking that there’s little left to reveal about Hillary Rodham Clinton.” Great first line.
  • The author, Kevin Doyle, followed her for nine days and 19,000 miles in April. As one of the captions in the photo essay reads: “he broke a sweat… she didn’t”. 
  • There is an infographic on what the Secretary of State’s plane looks like. {Infographics are fun.}
  • I love the cover picture taken in New Delhi. Doesn’t she look great?

You can read the Conde Nast article here.

And be sure to check out the rest of the visionaries here, including Nicholas Kristof, Okello Sam, Susan Sarandon and others.

  1. Ryan Bowles said:

    The food is good on those planes.

    • I simultaneously love and am jealous that you know that Ryan 😉

  2. Theresa said:

    Such a great article! I’ve only just read the first page and will come back to it later. Also really enjoyed the background story about their cover shoot with Clinton in India and the making-of videos. It is so great to see that she was so patient even with a wind blower right in front of her face ;).

    Yours, Thea

  3. This definitely sounds tempting.
    Thanks for the link to the article. I’m off to check it out.

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