The Great Mid-Atlantic Trip of 2012

One week from today we leave on vacation! We are headed to the East Coast for two weeks of sightseeing, relaxation and wedding fun. Going to admit it, feeling more than a little bit antsy.

The Great Mid-Atlantic Trip of 2012 is just a week away.

First stop: Washington DC

Second stop: Historic Virgina – Williamsburgh, Jamestown and Yorktown (Americans get a kick out of taking the English to Yorktown)

Third stop: Some Labor Day beach & BBQ action in Delaware

Fourth stop: Philadelphia

Fifth stop: Pittsburgh for the wedding party

There are some staples of American summers I absolutely can’t wait for: corn on the cob, take away iced coffee, tacos, outdoor swimming pools, flip-flops and sundresses, fairly more predictable sunshine, window shopping at Dean & Deluca, more corn on the cob…

But here is what I am looking for: RECOMMENDATIONS! 

Absolute-must-sees, restaurant recommendations, shopping advice, I want to hear it all!  If you can beat my friend Liz, who has already provided countless recommendations on restaurants in Philly, you will win a prize {before you get too excited, the prize is my eternal gratitude and a blog mention once I’ve visited it!} 

Can’t wait to hear what you think!

xx J

Photos credits: Washington DC by Axis Maps / Pittsburgh by / Vintage Beach by Devlin Photos / Philadelphia stretched map by Anne E MGraw / Virginia State Letterpress print by 1Canoe2

  1. L said:

    Sushi Taro in DC!

  2. DC: Old Ebbitt Grill restaurant near the White House (good food, reasonable prices for DC, great atmosphere), Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History (especially the dollhouse), and National Air & Space Museum. Some places in DC will have their security inspect your bag before you go in, so be prepared and allow a little extra time for that.

    Virginia: Governor’s Palace and garden maze at Williamsburg.

    Delaware: Rehoboth Beach has some good shopping outlets and a great downtown area, perfect for walking around. Crystal Restaurant at 620 Rehoboth Avenue serves up a wonderful breakfast or lunch.

    Bring a water bottle, because it’s still pretty hot and humid. Looking forward to reading the blog posts of your trip!

    • Thank you! Especially for the Delaware advice which has been on the sparse side. (Go figure.)

  3. In Williamsburg be sure to get a glimpse of the ghost fleet (great view from James Landing @ Kingsmill). In yorktown swing by Riverwalk. DC has a ton of options depending on what you’re looking for. Old Ebbitt is a must (sit at the back bar…it’s less touristy). In reality, you can’t really go wrong with any of the places on the Washingtonian’s restaurant list. If you need anything else / have questions drop a note!

    • Great suggestions! Thank you! Never been to the Old Ebbitt so think I’ll need to try that one out.

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