Silly in Scotland

Put three friends together in a foreign city on a weekend trip and things are bound to get silly. Add in the Fringe Festival and Scotland’s “wee” bit of humour and you have the makings for some great moments. Such as: 

When Cathy made friends with the Queen. One moment we were browsing for shortbread, and then there her Majesty was. Cathy just has a natural way with people.

Ale is so delightful in Scotland that cows dance about it.

What on earth is sticking out of their heads? Are they supposed to be ice cream cones? Mermaids? Lounge-singing-ice-cream-mermaids?

Its not often you hear “Attention! Giant sperm coming through!”  But it is very effective marketing for Sex Ed, the Musical.  The Fringe has a little bit of everything.

Lindsay wants you to note a very serious Scottish warning to dogs.

One of the highlights of the weekend was coming across this charming acrobatic duo. The Secret Circus and its loveably steathly spys, Agent Honeymoon and Agent Butterfly, travelled from Vermont to the Fringe. They brought the funny, juggled fire, heckled the audience, shot plungers incredible distances to then catch them on unicycles, gave knives to little children {you think I am kidding…} and were generally delightful during their 20 minute show.

I seriously suggest you give silly Edinburgh a try.

Then walk to the street above Cow’s Gate.

Stop at Mother India’s Cafe for some of the best Indian in Scotland {Fact which the owner will tell you – most of what the UK knows as Indian food comes from Glasgow.} But don’t be fooled by the “tapas” sized portions they describe in the menu. We ordered four dishes and that was way more than the three of us could handle.

And then enjoy a leisurely stroll home down Circus Lane {cutest street in town}, thinking about all the silly things you saw that day.

  1. abuchon said:

    Looks like such a fun time! Loved your description: lounge-singing-ice-cream-mermaids.

    • Thanks Abuchon. I plan on making your Stir Fry lettuce cup recipe this weekend!

      • abuchon said:

        Enjoy the Stir Fry Lettuce Cups! 🙂

  2. I wish I could visit Scotland, looks like great fun…claudiajust saying

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