Hawaiian jealousy

Just a few pictures my father has been sending the family from the Big Island’s Kona District, on the lava-lined West Coast. It is not all fun and games for the Pops, as he is working there. But yes, his family reminds him regularly they can think of worse places to temporarily have an office. 

Kona is one of the best spots in Hawaii to spot manta rays and the origins behind the precious Kona coffee. In the slightly grimmer fact department, it also marks the spot where Captain James Cook, the first Westerner to visit the islands, was killed in Hawaii. Cook originally named the archipelago “the Sandwich Islands” in honor of the fourth Earl of Sandwich, who was acting First Lord of the Admiralty in England at the time… I think we are lucky the name did not stick. 

Kona, you have officially been added to the must-see travel list. In the meantime, Aloha ahiahi Makuakāne {Goodnight Dad} 

  1. Pops Henderson said:

    Mahalo Jess from your “Pops”

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