If you build it, Hurricane Issac will come

Pretty sure Hurricane Issac, the remnants of which just arrived here at the Delaware Coast, has ruined our chances for a bonfire tonight.

No matter, however, because beach fun was had this morning in the form of a several hour sand castle construction session. Our group – a collection of international policy-wonks turned master architects for two hours – took the project head on.


The benefits of wet sand vs dry sand were discussed. The exact level of the tide was debated.

“It must have a moat.”

“Should it look like a lop-sided pyramid?”

“Dude, where did you get the plants??”



“Let’s decorate it with a crab.”

“Don’t let that little kid near the castle…is he a builder or a destroyer?”

Gradually a moat was dug, turrets were built (and knocked over….and rebuilt) and we even got as far as an outer defensive wall before proudly standing back to admire our construction.


Not sure what the castle’s future holds as it rains on the beach. But it’s architects remain fairly proud of it.


  1. Now THAT’s a magnificent sandcastle! I like the crab decoration and the drawbridge.

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