Super Pretty Funny numero 5

So this week has literally kicked my ass. Not a pretty way to say it, but I choose to take the blatantly honest route. I’ve had a cold, am in the midst of organizing three time-intensive events and my inbox never seems to go down no matter how much time I sit in front of my computer. Have not found the time to blog (grrr) and I can’t wait to start posting about the Great Mid-Atlantic Adventure of 2012!

Brussels has turned freezing, which both makes me happy and sad. Happy because it means autumn is coming and I love walking with leaves crunching under my feet, take-away coffees and that color the sunset turns at the end of the summer.  Sad because it means months of rain are ahead of us. Brussels has a severe lack of snow, which upsets the native Minnesotan in me …

Looking forward to a weekend of getting my act together, a birthday party (yay!) and hopefully, some time outside.

Have a great weekend – here some links to get you through it.

Xx J




Image sourced here. 

  1. Jay said:

    Ugh, I hate weeks like that! Hope you are feeling better Jess!

  2. Jess C. said:

    Thanks for the mention 🙂

  3. Tatiana said:

    The Castle in Wallonia looks awesome! with all those trees around, maybe worth an autumn road trip!

  4. I can totally relate–this week was crazy busy (I worked 14 hours one day) and my blog didn’t get enough of my attention as a result. But next week is a new start! Hope you have some downtime this weekend and that next week affords you more time to do stuff you like. Thanks for the links! Take care.

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