A Brunch Affair

I am a sucker for fun, retro graphics like the above. So after a Saturday spent sleeping and trying to get over a horrible cold, I ventured out to catch up with an old high school friend at “The Brunch Affaire” – a cool brunch/artisans fair thrown together for two days in an old hardware shop or “quincallierie” on a quiet street in Brussels. Walking up to the venue, it felt like we were walking into the wrong place, but once we opened the door, the mix of the old steel and brick building with the color and great design of the goods on sale drew us in.

The work of some very talented artists was on display, including some stunning Niyona handbagsAdeline Cacheux jewelry and the designs of Caroline du Chastel. But my favorite pieces were probably the Percy Stone scarves and Mathilde Danglade Jewels. If only my wallet agreed…

To add to the hip atmosphere, Tim Dubus’ vintage “I love typo” signs were sprinkled throughout the rooms.

Brunch items were on sale from the trendy Cafe de la Presse. And for a sweet tooth fix, Lila by Lila’s “couture cakes” occupied a bright pink booth in the hallway. My only regret is not having tried one of these!

Some great Belgian brands. And not bad for a Sunday afternoon’s inspiration, Brussels.

  1. Cécile said:

    Lovely photos, this place looks really cool!

  2. theoverflown said:

    Looks lovely! There are always new things to find in Brussels… I’ve been a few times and there’s always somewhere to discover.

  3. I’ve always been curious about this place, but haven’t gone yet since the reviews are 50-50. Thanks to your fabulous photos though I’m going to give it a try when I’m back in BXL. Looks like a great place for Sunday afternoon coffee and a newspaper 🙂

    • Thanks for visiting! These photos aren’t actually of Cafe de la Presse – they were catering the brunch just for that weekend in another place in Ixelles. But I still think it is a decent place for a coffee and a newspaper! Mornings can be less crowded if you happen to be an early riser….

  4. I love events like this! We just moved to Brussels and I need to figure out where I can find out about these?! Great blog!

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