Super Pretty Funny numero 6

Exactly how I feel about it being Friday…

Here are some links to get you through the weekend. No more words needed this week.

xx Jess


–       Snapshot of a marriage {adorable}

–       We’re going to see Helen Mirren!

–       An extended look at the new Les Mis movie

–       I loved everything about this post

–       All about Obama


–       These are people after my own heart

–       Vogue designer books …

–       …and a day with the Vogue China editor

–       Shoes, please.

–       Fabric love.


–       Lana Del Rey for H&M music video. This has to be funny otherwise it is just disturbing.

–       Pixar short.

–       Life is hard when you are a mini pig.

  1. Tatiana said:

    that link to the blog about Iceland makes me want to go to Iceland…like right now…

      • aww so glad you found my blog and you liked my post on iceland! thanks for the mention. happy friday!

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