Crush on Emerson Fry



The current Emerson Fry fall collection makes me want to surrender my bank account details in one swift, indulgent, whimsical move. Honestly, who doesn’t want everything on this website? (Maybe except for the leather pants…Who are we kidding, I couldn’t pull those off.)

Then take a closer look inside the beginnings of the brand, EmersonMade, and read these:

The TMagazine spotlight of the line’s creator

– Take a look inside her marvelously quirky house over on Design*Sponge

– Read what keeps her feeling creative on Design Tonic

– Drool over this SF Girl by Bay profile on Emerson’s travel logs (please tell me this still exists somewhere out there because these pictures are stunning!)

– Emerson and her husband raise ducks and hens on a farm in New Hampshire when they are not busy running the business in New York. Click here for evidence.

Finally, let’s reflect on how incredibly awesome the name “Emerson” is.

I am suffering from name, clothing and general awesomeness envy all at the same time.

Happy Tuesday all,

xx J


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