Super Pretty Funny {numero 7}

It has been rather rainy this week, during which I had some great news and some hard news. I won’t be going home for Christmas this year, which is a bit difficult because a) I will miss my family to bits and b) it is the one time of year I get fully behind American excess. But I know it will be wonderful none-the-less and more on that to come.

In other news (drumroll please) I might be going to South Africa!! I have always wanted to go and especially after D’s good friends from there visited Europe last year. In a moment of pre-emptive overexcitement I already bought a guidebook and cracked as soon as I saw pictures of “the big five” (zebras, giraffes, lions, rhinos and elephants) along with whale watching and some shots of Table Mountain. Not to mention the vineyards in Stellenbosch… or Kruger National Park …. and now I’ve worked myself up again and have to go look at some more pictures.

I leave you with so many links!! This week was one giant overload of gorgeousness.

Have a great weekend

Xx J


– The people over at Guinness are geniuses. Not sure what this video has to do with beer, but it is absolutely adorable

– Much of this mirrors my own thoughts on turning 31

– Claire Danes is awesome.

– Garance Dore interviews my idol

– Might need to read this.

– I wish more people thought like this. Take the time to read this one.

– Grace Coddington has a memoir??

– A new favorite travel guide

– Super cool new MOOD magazine pairs food and music advice. And its creators are from Brussels!


– Obsessed with this London-based website.

– A fabulous blog with a  fabulous Jimmy Choo photo shoot in Antwerp

– An Audrey Hepburn lookbook

– Does one need safari notepads when one actually goes on safari? Who cares, they are adorable.

– I’ve got nothing to wear

– Kate Spade + Coffee table book = Jessica wants it

– Oh good lord I want to stay here


– Take incredible photos!

– The grumpiest cat you will ever see

– No one wants to be this poor guy.

– Funny name for what is probably an awesome restaurant

PS – I am losing touch with my French so the photo above is from the movie I plan to watch this weekend: Les Parapluies de Cherbourg

  1. Tatiana said:

    love today’s post! and can’t wait to hear about this potential SA trip!!

  2. Jess, I’m SO incredibly jealous of your potential trip to South Africa. A friend of mine recently went on Safari there and said that it was absolutely incredible, stunning, fabulous, amazing, exciting, etc. I’ve been wanting to go for about half my life now. Please keep us updated as you finalize your trip!

  3. Helena said:

    I’m going home (Cape Town, SA) for 2 weeks in December! Also totally excited! 🙂 Summer in South Africa!

    • Cannot wait to go and this will be my first time! Would love to hear your recommendations if you are open to sharing them. Have a great trip!

  4. as always I love your post. The Audrey Hepburn lookbook is wonderful. Such a wonderful actress and activist. The story you wished everyone would read – touched my heart. Thank you for sharing that. I’m excited for you about possible SA trip. Kudos.

    • Thanks for reading! So glad to hear you like the posts 🙂

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