Super Pretty Funny {numero 8}

Between last week’s fashion posts and what feels like constant meetings, this week has felt quite dressy. The gorgeous shot of Jean Shrimpton wearing Lanvin in 1965 felt appropriate heading into the weekend.

What is new? I’m still treading water to stay afloat at work but hoping I see an end to the craziness next week! It doesn’t help that the sink in my bathroom literally fell out of the wall on Tuesday {as previously mentioned, I live in the Money Pit}. The optimist in me would say such things add a little bit of adventure to every morning. The pessimist in me thinks it is freaking annoying.

But I have a fabulous girl’s night to look forward to on Saturday evening. We’ve printed the Matchbook Guide to 50 Classic Movies and will settle in for a night of good old fashioned films, food and fashion pajamas. I also started watching The Wire this week and am totally addicted.

The other big news is that I have been working on a redesign of the blog in any spare minute I can find! I’m taking the leap into self-hosting and a professional design. I hope to get some CSS coding cracked over the weekend and perhaps – work with me here universe…no more falling sinks… – launch it in the near future!

Have a great weekend,

xx J


–          So… these books make me want to buy fifteen coffee tables

–          Watch this. Puts our First World Problems into perspective

–          I love it when Aaron Sorkin creates conversations between President Bartlet and President Obama

–          Guys, the South Africa trip is still months away – this constant teasing making me want to go earlier has to stop! I want to live in this guide.

–          Have you read Wolf Hall or Bring Up the Bodies? This New Yorker podcast piece on Hilary Mantel’s writing kinda makes me want to give them a serious try (fast forward to minute 4.00…)

–          I will watch anything with Connie Britton in it so I kinda want to watch Nashville.

–          Two great blog posts on books this week from Jane and Jay!


–          Everything Aran posts is beautiful (not to mention delicious) and now so excited for her book launch on October 23!

–          Gorgeous e-store for Scandinavian house products – loving the Skandi china range…

–          Yet again, a Swedish house I want to live in

–          Make your own jewelry stand.

–          Been listening to this all week.


–          All of the Tom & Lorenzo posts on Stacey Keibler’s outfits this week: This one and this one.

–          Hilarious retrospective on iconic Gossip Girl style moments

–          The Brad Pitt/Chanel teasers are…looking for a word…ridiculous?

  1. Cool South Africa guide! What parts of S.A are you planning to visit?

    • jessinbelgium said:

      We are just in the early stages…but looks like Jo’berg, Capetown, Stellenbosch and Kruger National Park!

  2. Jay said:

    Thanks for the shout-out!

    Hope you have some time to relax this weekend 🙂

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