And now I need to fly somewhere again…

I could literally spend hours reading articles on other blogs and staring at other people’s travel photos. But every once in awhile you stumble across something that makes you stop and really think. I came across this Window Seat series by the talented Matt Low posted on Small Sight and Cool Memories this morning and got to thinking… I fly so often – and most of the time to the same places: JFK, Newark, Minneapolis/St Paul, Seattle, London, Amsterdam, Brussels – that I’m not sure what I look like as a passenger. I’d like to think I look like those polished, non-hassled folk you sometimes see waltzing onto the plane, smiling at their neighbours and settling into a book for a few hours. But I’m pretty sure I’m the ornery traveler who has no patience for slow people at security, completely anti-social, with a scowl on her face who just wants to get there.

These photos make me want to slow down the next time I fly. To take time to look out the window and realise that its still pretty amazing that we can travel as far and as fast as we can. My expat life wouldn’t be the way it is without flying. Perhaps I should appreciate it a little more…

Matt’s photography is gorgeous. Please take a minute to visit his site here.

Happy weekend all,

x J

  1. Interesting — I would never have thought to take photos of these people gazing out of a plane window.

    I like the infinite variety of people that I encounter when I travel. I don’t disturb them if they are busy doing something else (reading, sleeping or doing work for their bosses) but I love to chat with them if they’re up for it. It’s fun.

  2. Cécile said:

    This is really cool, thanks for sharing. I’ll have lengthy occasions to travel soon as I’m moving to New Zealand. It might be a good idea to look at flying that way and take time to observe the other passengers 🙂

    • jessinbelgium said:

      Oh Cecile – I loved your post about deciding to move! I meant to congratulate you/share my admiration for you for the tough decision! Excited to hear about the adventure ahead of you 🙂

  3. Jay said:

    I think I probably vary between the 2 depending on how much sleep I’ve had. If I’m tired, my patience is usually thin. Our ease at travelling these days is pretty amazing and slowing down and admiring that is something I should try to do!

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