Super Pretty Funny {numero 9}


Happy weekend all. Today marks the end of non-stop craziness at work ever since I got back from vacation at the beginning of September. Delighted it is over. Exhausted in that slighted annoyed way you are when you are irrational and get hung up on the fact that it didn’t need to be as stressful as it was! But we’re working on that… I swear autumn in Brussels is getting more and more hectic with each year I am here.

Now we are off for a blissful weekend in The Netherlands! We are headed to Delft (home of blue and white porcelain beauties like the above!) and The Hague to get out of Brussels and celebrate our anniversary.

Tons of fun things found across the internet this week. Here are some favorites to enjoy over the weekend.

xx J




Photo sourced here. 

1 comment
  1. Cécile said:

    Hehehe, I just watched the Sartorialist prank- loved it!
    Thanks for sharing, i’ll check out the other links too .-)

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