London’s Hidden Interiors

I am seriously obsessed with London. It is the best weekend getaway from Brussels. So just what I needed to feed my obsession on a Monday morning: in today’s Guardian London travel section is a glimpse into a gorgeous new book on London’s best preserved, but little known interiors. Published by English Heritage, London Hidden Interiors has me wanting to jump on a Eurostar pronto, with this book tucked under my arm. The book features 180 locations photographed by Derek Kendall along with an essay on London’s architectural history by Philip Davies.

(i) The 1950’s Rivioli Ballroom, Brockley Road | (ii) 1930’s Gala Bingo Hall, Mitcham Lane | (iii) Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Brentfield Road | (iv) Finsbury Town Hall, Islington

Also on the wish list for upcoming trips to England: a trip to visit Highclere Castle to indulge my equally indulgent Downtown Abbey obsession (you must read about A Lady in London’s recent visit) and a trip to the Hollywood costume exhibit at the V&A, which runs until January 2013.

Photos by Derek Kendall as published in the Guardian. 

  1. Jess C. said:

    Holy shmoley! As if I wasn’t head over heels for London already…

  2. Murray Mahon said:

    Hi Jess. Glad you like these images – you ain’t seen nothing yet: wait till you have the actual book in your grasp. One thing I need to correct is the picture count: you say 180 but in fact that is the number of entries in the book – ie main places listed. There are around 1700 photos, many taken specially for this book and never seen before. There has never been published before a book on London like this 448 page wonder – and it’s unlikely something on this scale will be published again.

    • Thanks so much for the clarification Murray – that indeed is a big difference so I’ve amended the post. I cannot wait to pick up the book!

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