Soft spot for Strictly

Note: While Hurricane Sandy raged across New York, I sat peacefully in my Brussels apartment watching my recording of the latest episode of Strictly Come Dancing when MY TV CUT OUT. The following post is the result of the “creative process” (read: venting) from not having been able to see the end :

It is a sociological fact that anyone who watches a dance show automatically thinks they are a dance expert.

Myself included.

Ever since our girl’s night in {during which I discovered there is an underground network of English-speaking-Strictly Come Dancing-fans operating in Brussels}, I’ve been reminded about how obsessed I used to be with dance when I was little. I immediately revert into my twelve-year-old self who used to dance in parking lots and on playgrounds…and in the living room… and on the tree trunk in the backyard… and… more or less anywhere. Just ask my poor parents.

Only now, I substitute “dance” with yelling, smiling or wincing at my TV screen while hiding such activities in the safety of my own apartment.

I love that this show is so popular. The professional dancers truly are experts. The judges truly are worthy of judging. Len is a giant {but honest} sweetheart. And Bruce, well, bless him, is Bruce. Yes, it is completely over the top, but it is reality TV that requires immense hard work, artistry and showmanship. The celebrities really get into it – those that don’t do not last very long on the show and that is how it should be. All that aside, this show delivers in one critical way:  it makes dancing contagious.

I remember dance as being 100% intoxicating and I hope Strictly helps younger generations to feel the same way…

In the meantime…Flavia and Louis are totally winning me over. The Dirty Dancing routine?! But I also have soft spots for Kimberely Walsh and Victoria Pendleton. Now if only I had seen the end of the Halloween episode!

Don’t make me make plans for Saturday night… this girl is (once again) hooked.

Photos of Judges Craig, Darcy, Len and Bruno & Flavia and Louis, via BBC One. 

  1. Tatiana said:

    welcome back to the Strictly fold! 🙂

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